Garden Gossip


10 Jun — 31 Jul 21

Nordhaideplatz, Hasenbergl

Two middle-aged men sitting on a wooden bench together, photographed from behind. Trees can be seen in the foreground and background.

A wooden bench as meeting point and public stage. © Foto: zectorarchitects

The zeroarchitects office designed a wooden bench as a seat and sound installation. She invited to deal with “distances” in language and in space.

A wooden bench as meeting point and public stage

Rattle and gossip, what is heard and said can lead to intolerance or tolerance, to misunderstandings or understanding, to distance or closeness.

Conversations held on the bench were overlaid with the multilingual snippets of conversation, the sounds of nature and the city of the sound installation. It should stimulate reflection on diversity and prejudice, on spatial exclusion and social openness.

The seating platform then moved to a Munich allotment garden and turned into a meeting point in the green city idyll.


  • zectorarchitects London / Munich – Norbert Kling and Carsten Jungfer (project coordination)
  • Sofia Dona (artistic advice)
  • Team of the joinery Junge Arbeit of the Diakonie Hasenbergl e.V. under the leadership of Roland Epe and Maximilian Doll
  • in cooperation with Dominik Rastorfer, Kleingartenverband München


Nordhaideplatz, Hasenbergl

Schleißheimer Str. 504, 80933 München