Geheiratet – ungefeiert

Ergül Cengiz

9 — 22 Jul 21

three places at Hasenbergl

The Lucile and the Rakibuam band on a mobile stage decorated with wedding ornaments. In the foreground, listeners sit in the green.

„Lucile and the Rakibuam“ played at Goldschmiedplatz. © Foto: Ergül Cengiz

The corona pandemic made us miss out on emotional and social moments. Ergül Cengiz symbolically celebrated weddings that could not be celebrated in public space.

Wedding music concerts

Live bands played at three different locations in Hasenbergl in July 2021. The Unterbiberger Hofmusik, Lucile and the Rakibuam and Oansno played wedding music from different cultures and invited the local residents to share beautiful moments together.

The mobile stage was decorated with white tulle to match the occasion. In advance, Ergül Cengiz found out at the registry office how many couples got married during the pandemic. This number was attached to the stage and supplemented with the words „geheiratet – ungefeiert“ (got married – uncelebrated) in different languages.


three places at Hasenbergl