Barabern & Strawanzen

16 — 31 Oct 21

urban space Munich

Five young people with headphones are standing in front of a pedestrian traffic light in city traffic

Fernverbindungen, 2021 © Foto: Constanza Meléndez

The art project records life stories and paths of people in Munich and their experiences with “distances”.

The term “distance” includes not only a spatial distance but also social boundaries. The reasons for leading a life characterized by distance are complex: lack of access to resources, lack of rights, foreign language skills, cultural and social background.

The collective Barabern & Strawanzen brings people with different life stories and life paths together in audio walks in order to connect them with each other. You can listen to their stories through headphones.

Two teenagers with hats and headphones are standing on a large street
Fernverbindungen, 2021 © Foto: Constanza Meléndez