Ox sculpture by Hans Wimmer © Foto: Jörg Koopmann


Opening of the last art project of the Annuale 2023 with live music and small snacks, Zenettistraße 2

The life-size bronze figure of a lying ox placed 60 years ago by Hans Wimmer at Zenettistrasse 2 becomes the starting point for an intervention by the artist Jörg Koopmann. As part of the Public Art München 2023 Annuale “Freiräume”, the disused ox fountain, surrounded by a fence, at the former main entrance to the slaughterhouse administration will act as a memorial for the global approach to this from Wednesday, January 10th to Tuesday, March 19th Human/livestock relationship and effects on rainforests and the global climate.
The unbridled triumph of the dairy and meat industry shapes our lives and our landscape, and not just in the idyllic foothills of the Alps. The amount of animal products produced around the world each year creates widespread environmental, social and ethical problems.
The intervention “All Cows Are Beautiful” (ACAB) changes the spatial presence for a short time and questions the current meaning and consideration of this ox sculpture. The ox disappears behind a semi-transparent shell that is deliberately reminiscent of a greenhouse. While all of Munich’s fountains are covered up and stand still, the cattle fountain installation comes into focus and the constellation of Taurus/Bull shines above the lying ox in the winter months.

The oxen greenhouse invites you to indulge in a peaceful moment and personal thoughts. Who needs this fence? How could the place function differently? How about a public garden instead of a slaughterhouse behind the walls? You can ring the cowbell, make a wish, talk to the ox and at least say “thank you” or “sorry”.