View of the Bank Room installation from "The Broken Pitcher", Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, 2022 © Foto: the artists, Photo: Alexandra Ivanciu

Talk and Filmscreening

8 p.m.
Moritz Burgkardt from #ausspekuliert presents the work of the grassroots initiative. #ausspekuliert has been campaigning for affordable housing and against social exclusion in our cities and across the country since 2018. In German.

On the occasion of the last screening of “The Broken Pitcher” in Munich, the eponymous record “The Broken Pitcher: A Soundbank” is being released. Emiddio Vasquez, founder of the label and event series Moneda (Cyprus and Arizona), is present for a performance in which attendants will witness the manufacturing process of the record while engaging in collective listening, leading up to its official release. In English language.

21.15 p.m. Filmscreening “The Broken Pitcher” (69 Min.). English and German subtitles.