Der Pasinger Bismarck-Brunnen in der Diskussion

The event took place on Friday, June 24th, 2022 in the town hall of the Pasing town hall.

Since 1914 there has been a Bismarck fountain in the Pasing district of Munich on what is now Wensauerplatz. The first Reich Chancellor of the German Reich, Otto von Bismarck, who was controversial during his lifetime, was elevated to a nationalistic role model after his death in 1898 with monuments, commemorative plaques and towers throughout the entire Reich. The Pasing fountain shows Bismarck as a hero staged with breastplate, helmet and sword on a rearing horse. The figure is unusually small at 60 cm and is based on a model that the artist made for a Bismarck monument in Nuremberg.

Today, Otto von Bismarck is the subject of public criticism for his repressive policies as Reich Chancellor, his anti-Semitic statements and his role in colonialism. Monuments erected in his honor are the subject of intense debate in many cities. A debate has also already arisen in Pasing: How do we, as a democratic urban society, want to deal with the memorial fountain?

The cultural department of the City of Munich and the District Committee 21 Pasing-Obermenzing cordially invited all those interested to an open discussion forum.

An event as part of “past statements”, a program by Public History München and Public Art München by the cultural department of the City of Munich.