Ohne Titel

Thomas Mayfried

26 Aug — Fall/Winter 22

Olympic Regatta Course

Installation "Ohne Titel" on the Olympic regatta course © Foto: Thomas Mayfried

The installation focuses on the visual appearance of the games and Otl Aicher’s visionary design concept – firmly anchored in the collective memory to this day.

Installation at the Olympic Regatta Course

The installation “Ohne Titel” (Untitled) by Thomas Mayfried draws attention to the visual appearance of the games. The design concept by Otl Aicher, who did an incredible amount for the political utopia of Munich ’72, is firmly anchored in the collective memory of the happy mood of the ’72 Games, also through the numerous throngs of flags in the urban space. On 38 flagpoles of the Oberschleißheim rowing regatta course, at the historic position, the hill on the west side, Thomas Mayfried will remember the unmistakable design of the games and deconstruct it for the viewer: Flags that illustrate the design grid, the color code, the typography of the Olympic design and its high social and communicative potential. planned period: August 26 to Fall/Winter 2022.

Thomas Mayfried, born in 1966, lives and works in Munich.

Event notice: On Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 3 to 6 p.m. there will be an artist talk on the regatta grounds. In addition to Thomas Mayfried and Sebastian Klawiter (project “5.9.72 – no program today”), Karsten de Riese, contemporary witness and official NOK photographer at the time, will speak as a special guest and present his view of the Olympics.


Part of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Olympics


Olympic Regatta Course

Dachauer Str. 35, 85764 Oberschleißheim