Öffentlichkeit!! & Viel zu still

Anina Stolz & Antje Zeiher

14 Jun — 24 Jul 16

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

Öffentlichkeit!!, 2016 © Foto: Anina Stolz

In June 2016, the billboard showcases a joint project by artists Antje Zeiher and Anina Stolz.

With her work “Öffentlichkeit!!”, Anina Stolz is lifted up into the sky of publicity and brings in several personal aspects of creating art: she thematises the personal dichotomy between the desire for fame, success and visibility and the need for privacy, for undisturbed, concentrated work in a quiet little room. Although everyone has to “tackle” the future on their own, Anina Stolz is certain that the age of the lone wolf is over. What the digitalised, networked society shows us also applies to the workplace – networking, sharing, increasing opportunities through cooperation, because strengths are individual and can be carried forward together.

Accordingly, she is collaborating with the artist Antje Zeiher for the billboard. Her motif “Viel zu still” resembles a video still. For just a brief moment, the flow of movement is frozen and you think you can only see a tremor, a flicker. Until the story takes its course.

Anina Stolz, born in 1981 in Nuremberg, lives and works in Munich. Antje Zeiher, born in 1979 in Reutlingen, lives and works in Munich.

Viel zu still, 2016 © Foto: Antje Zeiher
Öffentlichkeit!!, 2016 © Foto: Anina Stolz


Billboard at Lenbachplatz

80333 Munich