PAM 2018: „Game Changers“

Joanna Warsza

Apr — Jul 18

urban space Munich

In a time of drastic changes, the Festival Public Art Munich 2018 consistently focused on performative art in urban space: Moments, not Monuments.

Public Art Munich 2018 (PAM): performative art in the city

PAM 2018 addressed the mechanisms of change and the fundamental shifts taking place today from the vantage point of Munich’s history and present—a city that has experienced tremendous ideological, sociopolitical, and symbolic turns. The commissioned art projects span from the Bavarian Soviet Republic, post-war denazification, Radio Free Europe, May 1968, the optimism of the Munich Olympic Stadium, 1989, the welcoming of the refugees at Munich’s central station in 2015 to the impacts of digitalization, artificial intelligence or the #MeToo movement. The question was not whether to take part but rather how and on what terms. What should change and what shouldn’t?


Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Cana Bilir-Meier, Anders Eiebakke, Leon Eixenberger, Massimo Furlan, Mariam Ghani, Flaka Haliti & Markus Miessen, Rudolf Herz & Julia Wahren, Alexander Kluge, Anna McCarthy & Gabi Blum, Michaela Melián, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Dan Perjovschi, Alexandra Pirici & Jonas Lund, Olaf Nicolai, Studierende der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Der 9. Futurologische Kongress/Julieta Aranda & Mareike Dittmer, Franz Wanner, Aleksandra Wasilkowska