“Die Waffen nieder! (Bertha von Suttner)“

Wolfram P. Kastner

14 JUL — 15 AUG 23

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

"Die Waffen nieder! (Bertha von Suttner)", 2023 © Foto: Tobias Hase

Wolfram P. Kastner dedicates his billboard design to Bertha von Suttner’s famous appeal for peace.

Bertha von Suttner (1843-1914) was a pacifist, peace researcher and novelist. She was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

The novel “Lay down your arms!” is her best-known novel. The book was published in 1889 and rapidly achieved worldwide acclaim. It has been translated into 20 languages and published in German in more than 40 editions.

From 1892 to 1899, Bertha von Suttner printed a magazine with Alfred Hermann Fried entitled “Lay down your arms! Monthly journal for the promotion of the peace movement”.

Wolfram P. Kastner, born 1947 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.

“Die Waffen nieder! (Bertha von Suttner)”, 2023 © Foto: Tobias Hase
“Die Waffen nieder! (Bertha von Suttner)”, 2023 © Foto: Tobias Hase


Billboard at Lenbachplatz

80333 München