City Of Words

Lia Sáile

22 Aug — 23 Oct 22

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

The characters on the billboard, which are incomprehensible to many passers-by, raise questions and associations.

Situated on an open transit point, two words float on a double-sided billboard above greatly enlarged Polaroids – back to back. The cultures and themes associated with the Arabic and Hebrew scripts occupy important space in the pluralistic metropolis, both privately and politically. The signs will remain incomprehensible to many passers-by. Placed prominently, they evoke a range of associations, questions and emotions. The perception of urban space changes – the place is opened up and at the same time placed in tension.

Lia Sáile, born 1985, lives and works in Munich and Cologne.


Billboard at Lenbachplatz

80333 München