Motifs 2020


Jan — Dec 20

Frotal view of the billboard on Lenbachplatz.

From March to June 2020 on the billboard at Lenbachplatz: Saskia Groneberg, "Der Weg", 2020 © Foto: Saskia Groneberg

All motifs on the billboard at Lenbachplatz 2020



Markus Burke

17 Sep — 14 Dec 20

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

The motif shows an advertising billboard with the slogan "99 Cents only stores" against a blue sky, which seems to float freely above the earth without any supporting structures.


Rut Massó

1 Jul — 16 Sep 20

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

Diagonal view of the billboard side facing towards the city center. The motif shows an abstract stone formation floating above trees in front of a sunrise.

Der Weg

Saskia Groneberg

16 Mar — 30 Jun 20

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

Frontal view of the side of the billboard facing away from the city. The motif shows a man in jeans and jacket, holding a pen and pad, walking on a path lined with trees. The path passes through a circular opening in the tree structure and turns to the right behind it.

Sufferhead Original – Munich Edition

Emeka Ogboh

2 Jan — 15 Mar 20

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

Diagonal view of the billboard. The motif shows a woman and a man sitting on a park bench, both holding a beer bottle in their hands, the woman has brought hers to her lips to drink. On the left hand appears the lettering "Sufferhead Original".