Never Again, Foyer Nürnberger Symphoniker, 2022 © Foto: Olaf Wiehler


At the opening of the art project “never again is now” Anton Biebl, Director of the Department of Arts and Culture, representing the mayor, the artist Jan Kuck, Isabel Bernheimer from Bernheimer Contemporary and Hélène Gleitman, Chairwoman of the Board of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, TAMAD e.V. will speak.

The blue glowing lettering “NEVER AGAIN” by Jan Kuck can be seen on the balcony of the city hall until Sunday, November 26, 11 pm, a sign against anti-Semitism and for solidarity. Immediately after the unbelievable terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas on October 7, 2023, Jan Kuck and his artist colleague Richard Wurm created a shop window as a show of solidarity in the ORAG house in front of the synagogue on St.-Jakobs-Platz with the neon tube artwork “NEVER AGAIN” and a Painting. Now, on the anniversary of the first deportation of Jews from Munich to the so-called Eastern Regions on November 20, 1941, “NEVER AGAIN” will be held in the heart of the city as a warning call that our past and the crimes of National Socialism must never again become our present , at the city hall.