Pay Nothing Until April

Ed Ruscha

Jun — Oct 13

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

Frontal view of Lenbachplatz looking towards the city center. The billboard is placed in the middle of the square, with a streetcar running alongside. The billboard features a work by the artist Ed Ruscha. The motif shows a snow-covered mountain range in blue with a yellowish horizon above it. The inscription "Pay Nothing Until April" appears on the picture in white capital letters.

Pay Nothing Until April, 2013 © Foto: Florian Holzherr

In June 2013, Ed Ruscha’s “Pay Nothing Until April” launches the Billboard programme series at Lenbachplatz.

Ed Ruscha’s large-scale collage “Pay Nothing Until April” inaugurates Munich’s new public art format on Lenbachplatz. The five by five metre billboard is part of the “A Space Called Public / Hoffentlich öffentlich” festival curated by Elmgreen & Dragset in Munich in 2013. Formally modelled on the oversized billboards often found in cities, the billboard has become an increasingly important address for temporary large-scale works since 2013.

The large-format billboard displays an impressive mountain-collage by Ed Ruscha: On the visually expressive panorama of a snow-covered mountain range, we read the inscription: “Pay Nothing Until April”. Presented in public space, the work with its combination of text and image is reminiscent of advertising posters in the city. By taking the stance of the neutral observer, Ed Ruscha is fond of using his lettered images to reflect the banality of metropolitan reality and the mass media. The motif for Munich is derived from an extensive series of paintings with which the artist does not wish to define any semantic fields or convey any logical messages. Instead, he provides space for inexplicable association and reflection in order to lend a poetic note to Munich – as well as some confusion.

Ed Ruscha, born in Omaha in 1937, lives and works in Los Angeles.

View of Lenbachplatz towards the city centre, taken from the Wittelsbacher Fountain. The edge of the fountain and the basin filled with water can be seen in the foreground. In the background is Lenbachplatz, with the billboard in the centre of the square. The billboard features a work by the artist Ed Ruscha. It shows a snow-covered mountain range in blue with a yellowish horizon above. The words "Pay Nothing Until April" are written in white capital letters on the image.
Pay Nothing Until April, 2013 © Foto: Leonie Felle


Billboard at Lenbachplatz

80333 Munich


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